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All of us at Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates are proud of the high-quality standard of holistic, personalized care we deliver to our patients every day. We want to hear from our patients! If you would like to submit a testimonial, please send it to newsletter@sleep-wellness.org.

Have you ever emailed a doctor on a Friday and received a callback Saturday morning? For the first time ever, that was my experience with Dr. Siddique, Sleep and Wellness Medical Associates. I always became nervous talking with any doctor, but I felt his kind words and caring demeanor, as my decision to have him be my forever doctor. That Saturday morning, I knew that I wanted to share with all the people I love, where to go if they need a Primary Care Physician because he is Patient-centered. I was so impressed with how easy he is to talk to, how kind and warm the staff are, and how all of the staff have stayed with the doctor for a long time…there is no turnover, which speaks volumes!

A few weeks later, I brought my best friend, “a White Coat Syndrome” patient. She was so nervous beforehand, as I picked her up and sat with her in the room. She talked to Dr. Siddique openly, and I noticed all feelings of nervousness were slipping away. At the end of the office visit, she said, “ He is so easy to talk to! “. I said to her, “I love Dr. Siddique. He is the first doctor, I could openly share exactly what is going on with me, and not feel intimidated.”

I highly recommend Dr. Siddique as a primary care doctor because he is professional, a good listener, uses a patient-centric approach, is on time with appointments, excellent doctor-patient communication, and a happy staff willing to help in any way. Yearly physicals, oftentimes require blood work to be collected. All blood work is done in his office! One room takes bloodwork, another room performs EKG’s, one-room completes pulmonary ultrasounds, another does heart scans and even a breathing monitor. I was shocked because my other doctors always ordered blood and I would have to go to Labcorp or Quest that was the end of it. I never had a doctor, request preventative orders comprehensively, that all could be done in his office! Dr. Siddique’s leadership and empathy shows by the interaction between the staff working in the front, and those working in the back. A work-family full of empathy that shows in each smile or phone call reminder, truly impacting the patient-doctor relationship.

Oh my God! I absolutely love Dr. Siddique! My doctor retired and I had to find a replacement. I didn’t think it would be possible to find another doctor who wasn’t sponsored by drug companies with a line of drug reps waiting outside his door. Someone who looks for the root cause of a problem, not just give you a pill to treat a symptom so he can get you out of the office. I found him. Dr. Siddique is an amazing person who understands the importance of gut health, an expert in natural hormone balance, and obviously a sleep pro but I have no trouble with sleep because I follow natural health, not the drug company version of health. This doctor is thankfully younger than I am, or close to my age, so at least I won’t have to worry about him retiring for a long time! We even exchange gardening advice!!! Organic Bacillus Thurgeinsis for your kale worms, doc! You’ll love it!

Anyway, I am so happy to have found him, and if you want to get healthy, he’ll show you the way. And yes, that includes not needing him as often, but he doesn’t seem to mind that. He’ll have more time to grow food in his back yard!

For the first time in five and a half years, I finally have hope that I will not have all the pain that I have had and continue to live with. During this time I have been seen by between 15 to 18 doctors and for the most part they have done very little to help me at all. Some did blood work, but mostly because I made a fuss. Most prescribed the same medications as the doctor before without doing any testing at all. Most if not all of the medications were not correct for my medical problems and contributed to the medical problems I have now.

Dr. Siddique took the time to listen to my story, asked lots of questions, and then ordered tests to establish what was going on with me and my body. Since then he has and continues to make recommendations that are appropriate for me. For the first time in five and a half years I have hope that I will be pain free and feel normal again.

Never have I felt as if I were just one more person in his very busy practice.

His staff is always kind, courteous, professional, yet friendly and caring. Dr. Siddique has staffed his practice with people who are of like mind with him. He does what he knows best and has aligned himself with other professional who can do the rest. He will refer you to a specialist when it is appropriate, but keeps track of you at all times. You will never feel abandoned by Dr. Siddique and his staff.

Dr. Siddique is my angel! He is the best doctor I have ever met. He is very caring, kind, and honest. He listens to you and gives you the best care. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Whenever I contact him through calls, texts, or email he never takes longer than 15 minutes to respond to me. Dr. Siddique has always been there for me and my husband; he is like part of the family. His staff is always pleasant and helpful. I have referred friends and family to Dr. Siddique and everyone is very happy with his service. He is a very special friend. Thanks and God bless you, Dr. Siddique!

Dr. Siddique is one of the most caring Doctors that I have ever met. He listens to what you have to say and doesn’t rush you through your appointments. In the past I’d feel guilty if I took too long with a doctor, but I don’t get that feeling with Dr. Siddique.

An example of his attention is how during a visit he put his hand on my back to escort me into the office and felt a skin tag on my back. It was removed before I left the office. Most doctors want to do triage and just send you to a specialist. Not Dr. Siddique – if he can treat you, he will do it in his office.

Another great thing about Dr. Siddique is his availability; if you email him or call you get quick response, and if you make a suggestion he listens.

Dr. Siddique provides more than traditional medical care. As a patient you will experience a lifestyle change through his combined conventional, holistic, innovative approach to patient care.

Dr. Siddique is easy to talk to, listens intently and gives the patient the feeling that he is the most important person in the exam room. There are no distractions and no interruptions; you are his sole concern. The support staff, physician’s assistants, administrators, etc., are cheerful, professional and eager to provide the best service possible.

Experiencing Dr. Siddique’s distinctive style of medical care will surely make you a convert.

I have been under the care of Dr. Siddique for several years. Throughout that time I have always been welcomed with open arms. I feel comfortable with everyone and I love being greeted by my first name. He saved my life and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. I couldn’t be happier with him, his staff, and his love for life and health. He isn’t just my doctor – he is my mentor and confidant.

I have been with Dr. Siddique for many years. He is always honest and reliable. When I need him, I know he will be there for me. I went through a bout with staph several years ago and I credit him for saving my life.

As far as him being my sleep doctor, and several family members with sleep problems, I can only say he is the best. My niece was diagnosed with narcolepsy by Dr. Siddique, and it has changed her whole life. He is the best.

I have been a patient of Dr Siddique for over 11 years. He has been an excellent doctor to myself and my wife for all these years. Whether it be sleep issues, back pain, or internal issues Dr. Siddique will take all the time necessary to help you with your problem.

I work for a very difficult employer and Dr Siddique has been an advocate for me in explaining my chronic health conditions in an impossible bureaucratic process. The best thing about Dr Siddique is how comfortable he makes you feel when he walks through the door to start your appointment.

I really don’t know what I would do without him as my physician. Thank you for everything, Dr. Siddique.