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Also known as low testosterone, Andropause is a condition that is not guaranteed to occur with age, but does take place for many men. Aging does decrease testosterone levels, this is not as concrete of a change as with women during menopause. The uncanny resemblance of decreasing hormones in older men as in older women has led to a decrease in testosterone being called Andropause.

For many men that undergo Andropause, dramatic changes in hormone levels at age 70 are foreshadowed by very subtle changes a decade or two earlier. Other symptoms that are associated with low testosterone are mood swings, depression, difficulty getting aroused, and other hormone-related issues.

The treatments for low testosterone are centered on returning hormone levels to normal. Hormone therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing symptoms of Andropause such as depression and lack of sex drive. At Sleep and Wellness, we offer testosterone replacement therapy that allows for the supplementation of decreasing bodily testosterone by inserting pellets of testosterone under the skin to revamp libido.

Andropause is not so severe in most cases

A simple change to one’s lifestyle such as diet or exercise can help with lack of sexual drive. Little known to most, visceral fat referred to as a ‘beer belly’ is the largest endocrine gland in the body. The adipose fat releases hormones and other compounds that interfere with functions all across the body, with effects including impotence. The HCG diet our practice offers can provide a better quality of life by reducing this store of fat and preventing the belly from signaling negatively in regards to sexual health. One of the positive side effects of the diet can be a renewal of the patient’s sex life.

To find out more about Andropause and how we can help, contact Sleep and Wellness and look at the following for more information:

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