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What is it?

Chest wrinkles, also known as cleavage rhytides, sleep creases, or décolletage wrinkles, are characterized by crepey skin and fine lines or sagging on the upper chest area, extending from the neck to the upper abdomen. Initially, these wrinkles are dynamic, meaning they appear temporarily due to certain body movements or positions, such as sleeping on one’s side. However, with age, these dynamic lines can become static, persisting even at rest.

Over time, chest wrinkles may vary in severity, ranging from superficial fine lines to deeper furrowed creases, which can be more challenging to address. Wrinkles, in general, occur when the skin loses its structural support, resulting in folds or creases, and chest wrinkles are no exception to this process of aging and skin changes.

Common Causes

  • Reduced collagen
  • Loss of fat
  • Sun exposure
  • Bone resorption

What can I do?

  • Use sunscreen
  • Moisturize and exfoliate skin regularly
  • Topical treatments