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What Is A Well Woman Exam?

A Well Woman Exam is a preventive annual gynecological and breast exam. Well Women Exams are extremely important in preventive care and early detection of diseases.

A Well Woman Exam typically includes a Breast Exam, A Pelvic Exam, A PAP Smear, and if relevant – Contraceptive Counseling.

Why is your Well Woman Exam so important?

With all of the responsibilities women have to deal with in their daily lives, well woman care can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately this often has negative consequences for a woman’s health, vitality and quality of life. A regular Well Woman Check can help preventing cervical cancer caused by HPV, protecting fertility, breast diseases and in some cases gestational diabetes. Women who prioritize well woman care are also less likely to develop sexually transmitted illnesses and experience unwanted pregnancy.

Vaginal Exam & Pap Test At A Well Woman Visit

A medical instrument called a speculum will then be inserted into the vagina so the cervix can be seen. As part of the vaginal exam the provider will use a smear brush to collect a sample of surface tissue from the vagina. This sample will be used to test for cervical cancer & certain types of infection.

Bi-Manual Exam

Once the speculum is removed, the practitioner will check the size of your uterus to see if there is any pain when your cervix is moved, feel your ovaries and check for abnormalities in the pelvic area. This part of the exam is done manually with the practitioner using lubricated gloves.

What is Included in a Well Women Exam?

  • Breast Exam at a Well Woman Exam
    The breasts are inspected for changes in shape, skin texture, nipple discharge and lumps. We’ll also discuss self-breast exam methods for you to work into your routine. Depending upon your age, a mammogram and a bone density test may be requested.
  • Pelvic Exam & Pap Smear At a Well Woman Exam
    The vagina and labia are inspected for lesions and discharges. A speculum is placed in the vagina to evaluate the upper vagina and to perform a HPV test and the PAP smear. Cultures may be obtained for STD screening.
    The uterus and ovaries are examined.
  • Contraceptive Counseling at a Well Woman Exam
    A Well Woman Exam includes a discussion about birth control options with your provider.