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Diagnostic Blood Test

At Sleep & Wellness, we pride ourselves in having a laboratory that is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology.

As part of our catalog of services, we offer diverse blood tests that allow for the diagnosis of conditions and illnesses. Additionally, our technology makes it so that some results be available immediately after submitting the sample to the lab.

Blood tests are key to giving accurate diagnostics —having a laboratory in the facilities allows our healthcare providers to have instantaneous access to this essential tool and thus provide a speedier service. In turn, this facilitates the early detection of diseases and conditions, and hence can save lives.

Here’s an overview of the tests available:


Blood Chemistry Studies

  • To measure substances like sodium, potassium or chloride.
  • To evaluate proper functioning of key organs.
  • To monitor glucose levels.


The A1c test (or HbA1c test) measures the average blood glucose concentration levels of the past three months. Physicians use it to diagnose prediabetes and diabetes. If the test comes back with results showing high levels of A1c, it’s an indication that there are diabetes complications.



Hormones act as the body’s messengers. They send signals to the bloodstream and checking that they are balanced and working properly is key. If an imbalance is detected, this can explain many symptoms that can thus be treated once diagnosed. At Sleep & Wellness, our hormone tests include:

  • Female hormones: estrogen, progesterone, FSH, and LH, among others.
  • Male hormones: testosterone, DHEAs, FSH, and LH, among others.
  • Thyroid hormones

Vitamins and minerals

Thanks to these micronutrients, our bodies are able to carry out a number of functions that keep it running normally. Therefore, we offer tests that check whether our patients are getting enough vitamins.


Lipid Panel

A lipid panel test is an important tool to help predict heart disease and stroke risk. It measures fats in our bodies, both good and bad:

  • Cholesterol: a fatty-like substance in the blood
  • LDL: bad cholesterol that can clog arteries
  • HDL: good cholesterol that helps remove bad cholesterol (LDL) from your arteries
  • Triglycerides: type of fat found in the blood; they’re used for energy and are obtained from food

Specialty tests

Sometimes, patients need blood tests to diagnose or get specific information that cannot be obtained through a common analysis. For such situations, their specimens can be sent to Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics so that they can be further analyzed.

Instructions for the patient

Usually, patients do not need to prepare in advance for a blood test. However, for some analyses, they might need to fast for 8 hours prior to. Whether fasting is needed or not, our healthcare providers make sure to notify all patients of the steps to follow before coming in for the test.

At the time of the test, our dedicated nurses take a small sample from the body using a needle. They might also use a finger prick. The procedure is virtually pain-free, quick and easy, and our staff make sure it is an agreeable experience.