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What is it?

Cellulite refers to the appearance of lumpy, dimpled flesh on areas such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. It occurs due to fat deposits beneath the skin, resulting in a characteristic texture often likened to cottage cheese or orange peel. While cellulite is a common and harmless skin condition, it is more prevalent in women than in men. Although its exact cause is not fully understood, factors such as genetics, hormones, and lifestyle choices like diet and exercise can contribute to its development.

While weight loss and exercise may help improve its appearance, other treatments such as laser and radiofrequency systems, as well as retinol creams, can also be used, often requiring regular repetition for optimal results.

Overall, cellulite is a cosmetic concern rather than a medical issue, and many individuals seek treatments to reduce its visibility and improve their skin’s appearance.

Common Causes

  • Hormonal changes such as decreased estrogen
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Genetics
  • Aging

What can I do?

  • Improving diet and exercise habits
  • Topical treatments, though there may be risks to using these