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Allergy Testing & Treatment

Allergies all years round? Constant sneezing? A non-stop runny nose? There might be a solution for all of it! At Sleep & Wellness, we specialize in allergy testing to find out whether you are sensitive to airborne and environmental allergens or chemicals in our everyday lives. An accurate diagnosis resulting from the test will dictate what the right course of action is to embark on a journey to drastically improve your condition. Our two allergy tests are designed to identify what exactly you are allergic to. They are the scratch/skin prick test and the patch test.

The Scratch/Skin Prick Test

A skin prick test, or a scratch test, as it is also called, is a popular method to check for allergic reactions with immediate results. It can identify as many 56 common allergens at once, which include pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, and foods. This method is completely painless, even though needles (lancets) are involved; they barely go beneath the surface of the skin and do not even provoke bleeding.

First, a nurse cleans the area where the test is performed with alcohol; subsequently, they make marks on the skin to keep track of the allergens that they will test. The test itself consists in placing a drop of each allergen on the skin and interpreting the reactions after a short period.

Patch test

Skin rashes? A patch test will determine the cause! Patch tests can determine which substance is causing your allergic skin irritation, also called contact dermatitis. Due to the nature of these reactions, patch tests’ results are available after 48-96 hours.

This method involves applying allergens on the skin and covering each with a patch. They can apply between 20 to 30 extracts at the same time, and include latex, medications, fragrances, preservatives, hair dyes, metals, and resins. The patches stay on the skin for 48 hours, after which the dermatologist removes the patches and sees if the skin has reacted (or not!) and therefore what has caused the reaction.


What Should You Expect from a Skin Test at Our Center?

Skin tests evaluate different allergens. It takes from 5 to 10 minutes to place the allergens on the skin, usually on the back or arm. After 15 minutes, small, red lumps may appear where the allergens have been placed. This is an indication that the body is reacting to that specific allergen.

As they are intradermal tests, they may hurt slightly or feel uncomfortable. They can also cause itchiness.


How to Prepare for the Test

  • You should stop taking antihistamines 5 days prior to the test.
  • It is allowed to take intranasal or asthma medication.
  • If the severity of your symptoms makes it so that you are unable to stop taking antihistamines, a personalized approach to testing will be considered.

Is the test safe?

The amount of each allergen tested is particularly small, so the test is safe —for adults and children alike. 

During the test, an allergist will monitor any possible severe adverse events, although it is very unlikely to happen.