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Nano Fat for Sexual Rejuvenation for Men and Women

What is Nanofat?

Nanofat, distinguished by its richness in stem cells, serves as a potent agent for tissue repair and regeneration. This specialized fat variety is particularly harnessed for enhancing skin quality and addressing signs of aging, making it an invaluable resource for aesthetic procedures. 

  • Nanofat grafting, a minimally invasive technique, involves the extraction of liquified and filtered fat, abundant in stem cells, directly from the patient’s body. This procedure is adept at rejuvenating the face and body by restoring both volume and skin quality. 
  • Its application extends to delicate areas such as wrinkles around the lips, dark circles, the neck, neckline, nasal grooves, cheekbones, and lips, showcasing its versatility in cosmetic improvements.
  • Moreover, nanofat grafting proves effective in lessening the impact of scarring, making it a comprehensive solution for various aesthetic concerns.

Nanofat grafting is a procedure where we take a small amount of fat from your body. We then carefully clean and mix it with stem cells, creating a special blend. This blend is gently injected into areas that need more volume and improved skin quality, like places with wrinkles or under-eye bags. What makes this method great is that we use your own natural tissue, so there’s no chance of allergic reactions.

Moreover, the mix we create, with cleaned fat, stem cells, and growth factors, provides longer-lasting results compared to traditional non-surgical methods. Nanofat grafting is an advanced and safe way to enhance your appearance, focusing on both safety and lasting cosmetic benefits.

How can Nanofat be used for sexual rejuvenation?


For women:

  • For women or individuals with a vagina, nanofat is strategically administered to specific regions of the genital area, encompassing the labia majora, labia minora, and clitoral region. The objective is to enhance tissue quality, stimulate collagen production, and enhance blood circulation, contributing to the comprehensive revitalization of the sexual anatomy. The regenerative attributes of nanofat injections hold the potential for enhancements in sensitivity, lubrication, and the aesthetic aspect of these intimate areas.
  • This procedure is acknowledged as minimally invasive and typically conducted under local anesthesia. By utilizing the patient’s own natural tissue, the likelihood of adverse reactions is minimized. The regenerative characteristics of nanofat injections aim to yield enduring enhancements in sexual well-being, offering prospective advantages for individuals seeking heightened satisfaction and rejuvenation in intimate areas.

For men:

  • While the use of nanofat for sexual rejuvenation has predominantly been investigated in women, there is increasing interest in its potential applications for men.
  • The process, whether through nanofat grafting or injection, involves deploying processed nanofat, abundant in regenerative elements, to specific areas to address various concerns.
    In men, this might encompass addressing erectile dysfunction by injecting nanofat into the penis to stimulate tissue regeneration and enhance blood flow.
  • Additionally, nanofat injections may be considered for improving penile sensitivity, cosmetic enhancements (such as penile enlargement), and addressing issues like scarring or fibrosis that impact sexual function.

What are the benefits of Nanofat grafting in the genitals?


In women:

Nanofat injections in women’s genitals offer a range of benefits, contributing to enhanced intimate well-being and aesthetic satisfaction

  • This procedure promotes improved vascularization, collagen synthesis, tissue regeneration, and the restoration of lactobacillus stock for hydration, stimulation, and restructuring of the vaginal mucosa and labia majora. 
  • The overall effect is an enhancement in volume, smoothness, and the aesthetic appearance of the genital area. 
  • Notably, nanofat injections can be instrumental in plumping the labia majora, offering a non-surgical solution that improves both appearance and comfort. This additional volume provides a cushioning effect, fostering greater comfort during intimate moments or physical activities. 
  • Beyond the physical benefits, women often experience heightened body confidence and pride in their appearance, whether with their partner or in swimwear. 
  • Labia augmentation through nanofat injections is preferred by many due to its minimally invasive nature, eliminating risks associated with surgical scars. 
  • The procedure involves harvesting fat directly from the patient, purifying it, and then injecting it into the targeted area. The naturally absorbed injected tissue minimizes the chance of rejection, and most patients can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment.

Particle Size:

Nanofat injections in male genitalia present a progressive approach to penis enhancement, primarily focusing on increasing the girth of the shaft.

  • The procedure involves the transformation of one’s own fat into nano-sized particles, which are then strategically injected into the penis, resulting in an immediate increase in girth and size.
  • Nano-fat comprises fat cells, stromal cells, and stem cells, aiming not only to add volume but also to enhance sensation.
  • The incorporation of stem cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) may further contribute to improving the ability to achieve and maintain erections.
  • A notable advantage of this method is its utilization of autologous tissue— the patient’s own fat—significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions or tissue rejection.

Beyond functional enhancements, the natural appearance achieved through the fat transfer method stands out compared to other penile implants or procedures.

  • Many patients report a noticeable increase in penis girth, which not only fosters greater confidence but also contributes to heightened satisfaction.
  • Moreover, the procedure is associated with minimal scarring, leaving only small and inconspicuous marks from the injection sites and liposuction.
  • These combined benefits make nanofat injections a compelling option for men seeking a natural and effective approach to genital rejuvenation and enhancement.

Key Benefits Summary:


In Women: Vagina

  • Enhance tissue quality
  • Improved vascularization
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Enhancement in volume
  • Smoothness
  • Heightened body confidence and pride in appearance
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimally invasive
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction
  • Uses body’s own tissue; minimizes chance of rejection

In Men: Penis

  • Increase in penile girth; increase in penile volume
  • Greater body confidence
  • Enhanced sexual satisfaction; enhanced sensation
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimally invasive
  • Uses body’s own tissue; minimizes chance of rejection
  • Improves ability to achieve and maintain erections

Does Nanofat grafting have a long downtime?

Nanofat grafting has minimal downtime, but if done on the genital areas, it is recommended to resume sexual activity a few weeks after treatment.

How long does Nanofat grafting for sexual rejuvenation take?

Nanofat grafting done on the genital areas takes around an hour. This excludes the time for consultation, numbing of the treatment area, and post-treatment instructions.

How many Nanofat grafting treatments do I need?

Usually, only one treatment is done, but maintenance treatments may be necessary based on results and individual goals. Maintenance treatments may be needed since the body will naturally absorb some of the nanofat that was injected, so maintenance treatments may replenish the lost volume in the treatment area.

Is Nanofat grafting painful?

The level of discomfort from this procedure is typically minimal, but can vary from person to person. Topical anesthetic is applied, for the patient’s comfort. If you have concerns, it’s advisable to discuss them with your healthcare professional to ensure proper pain management.

Is Nanofat grafting considered surgery?

Nanofat grafting is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure.

How do I know whether Nanofat is right for me?

If you’re seeking to enhance your sexual life, Nanofat may be for you! You can consult a qualified medical professional to see if Nanofat is right for you. Our office is available for consultations at 31 East Darrah Lane, Lawrence Township NJ. To schedule an appointment, you can call the following number: 609-587-9944

General Pre-Treatment Instructions

To reduce the chance of any adverse side effects, we recommend doing the following things (unless your physician says otherwise):

  • Notify your provider of any medications, supplements, or topical products you currently use, as they can advise on whether you should temporarily stop using them.
  • Keep the treatment area clean of any substances such as lotion or oils.
  • Follow the precise pre-treatment guidelines given by your healthcare provider to achieve the best outcomes and reduce the risk of potential complications.

This section should only serve as additional information; it is NOT a substitute for your physician’s instructions