31 East Darrah Lane
Lawrence Township, NJ 08648

Uma Swaminathan is a Reiki Grandmaster and founder of Dansing Water Reiki of New Jersey. (she spells dancing with an “s “ because she says our body is a dancing, singing body of water.) In this capacity she runs wellness classes and healing sessions of alternative, holistic and integrative energy healing. She got her training from the renowned Doctor and Therapist Dr. Lalitha ( Reiki GRANDMASTER) of India in the amazing energy healing modalities, Reiki energy healing, acupressure, Sujok and reflexology. Uma was trained in the true ancient traditions that have spread throughout the world but few practice with sincerity and dedication to keep the treatment and healing genuine.

She says that healing is a holistic approach. If you are a diabetic, you probably think you can heal yourself by taking medicines such as Metformin or insulin. No, you also need to exercise, eat proper food, and change your lifestyle. Allopathy works when you supplement with other modalities. Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique. It works along with Allopathy. With Reiki one can heal yourself. Its about understanding ones physiology, anatomy and how the chakras work and how the energy fields work. She has treated patients with all kinds of illnesses including cancer.

Her father, a biologist and scientist – taught her the various health benefits of local herbs, fruits and vegetables. This education was augmented with her learning from her mother and grandmother of the traditional cooking secrets and ancient remedies that have been passed down in her family for generations. She used this knowledge to earn her a degree from Rutgers University in Cultural Anthropology and Education.

Before starting Reiki treatment she goes into the cause of the problem and helps with herbs and spices and proper nutrition to compliment Reiki. Food is medicine when the right food is eaten. She is a vegan and is a life member of World Vegan Vision. Uma is also an Anthropologist with expertise in cross-cultural studies. She has been studying cultures and the use of indigenous herbs and spices in these cultures.

As an herbalist, and certified nutritionist, she gives talks, and has conducted classes on cooking with herbs for good health in India and the US. She also does dinner parties with ancient recipes and their medicinal values. Every year, hundreds show up at her Thanksgiving event at the Museum of Interesting Things in Soho, New York.

She provides Reiki counseling for stress, depression and other psychological issues. Uma has been a Public school teacher at the middle grade levels and high school as a Social studies teacher. In this capacity she had to deal with ethnic issues and conflicts that could not be understood or resolved. Many a times she ended up counseling both the student and the parent/parents, and sometimes became the mediator and helped in understanding and resolving issues that culminated in counseling the whole family, drugs, discrimination, attention deficit disorder, bullying, stress, anxiety etc etc

As a wellness coach, she gives wellness talks and has been invited by many groups around the United States and India as speaker and panelist. She has worked with many international groups, participated in discussions and helped raise funds for various causes. She has organized and choreographed multicultural shows including dances, music, poetry reading, puppet theater, plays and fashion shows.  She has judged many pageants and was honored with the Mrs. NJ United States Civic Award for civic contributions. She lived in Japan for a few years where she was honored by Princess Hitachi, past Prime Minister Kaifu’s wife for bridging friendship and understanding
between cultures.

She has written a book titled: Herbal Transformations: Ancient Wisdom Revealed for Health and Longevity, which is sold on Amazon. The book provides ancient traditions of herbs and spices, food, hygiene, yoga and spirituality, with an autobiographical and traditional stories that illustrate the benefits of using the herbs and spices and recipes that are a daily routine for healing. She authored, and compiled The Association of Indians in America, (AIA) History.. She has also contributed a chapter on the importance of the rose in Southern India in Dr. Frankie Hutton’s book “The Rose Lore.” Her versatile background and varied alternative healing modalities have won her exemplary accolades.

For more information please go on her website reikiuma.com