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Hyperdilute Radiesse

What is Hyperdilute Radiesse?

Hyperdilute Radiesse is a cosmetic method where an extensively diluted version of the Radiesse dermal filler, which contains calcium hydroxylapatite is injected. This substance can be injected in a variety of areas, including the face, neck, hand, and body.

How is Hyperdilute Radiesse intended to be used?

Hyperdilute Radiesse is typically used in cosmetic treatments focused on skin rejuvenation. In this approach, the Radiesse dermal filler, containing calcium hydroxylapatite, aims to achieve subtle and natural results by promoting collagen production and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The specific application may vary based on individual needs and the practitioner’s expertise. It is essential for the procedure to be carried out by a qualified healthcare professional in an appropriate clinical setting.

How does Hyperdilute Radiesse work?

Hyperdilute Radiesse operates by injecting a heavily diluted form of the Radiesse dermal filler, containing calcium hydroxylapatite, into specific skin areas. The process involves preparing the filler in a diluted state using a saline solution. When injected, this diluted Radiesse aims to stimulate the production of collagen in the treated regions, promoting a gradual improvement in skin texture, especially in areas with fine lines and wrinkles. The results are intended to be subtle and natural, providing a refreshed appearance. The specific application may vary.

What are the typical treatment areas?

The typical treatment areas for Hyperdilute Radiesse encompass the:



Can address fine lines, wrinkles, cheek volume loss, nasolabial folds, jawline contouring, chin augmentation, temple rejuvenation, and overall facial rejuvenation.



Can address concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and horizontal neck lines; offers a non-surgical option for neck rejuvenation and may be applied to the décolletage area for enhanced skin texture.



Can restore volume, soften the visibility of veins and tendons, improve skin texture, and contribute to overall hand rejuvenation.



Can address volume restoration, improve skin texture, and rejuvenate skin.

How is Hyperdilute Radiesse different from other dermal fillers?

Hyperdilute Radiesse stands apart from other dermal fillers due to its unique composition, containing calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres. This filler is distinctively diluted with a saline solution for injection, with a primary focus on stimulating collagen production in treated areas. Unlike some fillers that primarily add volume or smooth wrinkles through different mechanisms, hyperdilute Radiesse aims for a gradual and natural-looking enhancement over time. It is often chosen for facial rejuvenation, particularly in areas with fine lines and wrinkles. The duration of results is temporary, requiring periodic touch-ups. The selection between hyperdilute Radiesse and other fillers depends on individual goals and skin conditions, with consultation from a qualified healthcare professional being crucial for personalized recommendations.

How many treatments will I need?

Usually, individuals undergoing Hyperdilute Radiesse may need around two to four treatment sessions, with intervals of several weeks for gradual enhancements. The specific number can vary based on factors like individual goals and the severity of skin concerns. Personalized recommendations will be provided by a healthcare professional during a consultation.

How long is the typical treatment?

A hyperdilute Radiesse procedure typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes for the injection itself, with additional time for consultation, preparation, and post-procedure care. This makes it so that the procedure is convenient for people with busy schedules and you could get it done during a lunch break!

Is the recovery time long?

There’s no downtime with Hyperdilute Radiesse, so you can get the treatment, walk out of our office and continue with your day!

What are the potential side effects?

Hyperdilute Radiesse’s potential side effects may include mild redness and swelling, which should resolve in a few days.

To minimize lasting side effects, follow post-treatment instructions, report unusual side effects promptly, and consult thoroughly before deciding on a Hyperdilute Radiesse or any other cosmetic procedure.

Is a Hyperdilute Radiesse treatment painful?

The level of discomfort from this procedure is typically minimal, but can vary from person to person. Topical numbing creams are commonly applied. If you have concerns, it’s advisable to discuss them with your healthcare professional to ensure proper pain management.

Is a Hyperdilute Radiesse considered surgery?

No, Hyperdilute Radiesse is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment!

How do I know whether Hyperdilute Radiesse is right for me?

Hyperdilute Radiesse is suitable for those desiring subtle enhancements in skin texture, particularly in areas with fine lines. Ideal candidates should be open to gradual changes, willing to undergo multiple sessions, and in good health with realistic expectations.

You can consult a qualified medical professional to see if Hyperdilute Radiesse is right for you. Our office is available for consultations at 31 East Darrah Lane, Lawrence Township NJ. To schedule an appointment, you can call the following number: 855-611-9116

General Pre-Treatment Instructions

To reduce the chance of any adverse side effects, we recommend doing the following things (unless your physician says otherwise):

  • Notify your provider of any medications, supplements, or topical products you are currently using, as they can offer advice on whether you should temporarily stop using them.
  • Keep treatment area clean of any substances such as lotion or oils
  • Follow the precise pre-treatment guidelines given by your healthcare provider to achieve the best outcomes and reduce the risk of potential complications 

This section should only serve as additional information; it is NOT a substitute for your physician’s instructions